Daylight Savings Time

daylight savings

Is November 6, 2011,,,that's Sunday! Time Falls back....

Daylight savings, are we saving anthing: time, daylight, energy or money?

Are we making it safer to go out doors? Except for the worse, is anything really changing? You hear about many new positive changes, but how many actually work and who gets to experience them? If we put our minds to it, could and would not many more lead a much more prosperous life?

Twice in twelve we are going to hell. Changing our clocks, gets even more aggravating when someone knocks.

Who are we kidding by changing time, if we got up earlier there would be no reason or rhyme. It would be plain and clear to see when Daylight has begun and time to End.

Spring Forward, Fall Back there! Why not one or the other, year-round standard time or year-round daylight savings time?

We have added a few days before and a few days afterwards, soon we will be looking at time going backwards.

Vote for either or, and give me a break; two times to keep-up is two too late.

(((your inner

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