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Of a close family member! Surviving the Death?

What does your memories look like? Memories are something you can affect. You can be as heroic as you like.

Surviving the Death? It is not an easy thing to handle. Every time you have a death it is going to be different. Respect, people have to give you authority over their emotions. You must gain that. Start the healing process. Before getting started, announce “your open door policy”.

Death brings family members together. I’m deliberately not mentioning the grieving process, which far too often is just an excuse. Don’t be caught off guard! Be open, you can talk to me about anything on your heart.

Inevitably death causes a wide range of emotions to be displayed in a concentrated area – stress, pressure and tension. Some homes are better prepared than others.

How things pan out depend on whose handling matters and how they handle them, not the matters; but the wide range of emotions and personal issues. You can see and experience a side of family members you have not before seen. It is said, funerals are for the living.

You will be betrayed even by parents, brothers and sisters, relatives and friends, and they will put some of you to death.

A wide range of emotions in a concentrated area? With time our emotions and how we express them change. There are the communicators and non-communicators. No matter how prepared you are death is a shocker. Some will try and step up to the plate, vying for attention or responding to guilty feelings. They will all have good intentions, but you know good intentions will send you to hell. They just simply want to be heard and they are not exactly sure how to express themselves, without a burst of raw emotions.

A burst of raw emotions? You never know until it hits you. Anger, agony and pain; to a degree, death can bring about turbulent times. In some cases, this may cause them not to appear as sensitive as you may expect. Me, I like to be off to myself. I’m approachable but do not want to be a part of the chaos and confusion.

Organization? Some families are better prepared than others. Everybody wants to do what they want to do, at the same time and this is not going to work without some semblance of order. Organize in such a fashion to help in dealing with the death. Share it to receive feedback.

The greatest cause and effect to these raw emotions are described by trying to label them. Don’t label them. You are better served by focusing on being yourself until everyone settles down in an orderly fashion. Most important of all of this is to ward off negative behavior. If you accomplish this, consider yourself a success.

How do you encourage everyone to settle down in an orderly fashion? Get out of your own way, meditate and seek the answer. The focus is to find your greatest source for Peace and Harmony.

Plant seeds of Faith, Hope and Love to help each other cope. Share it and Agree before getting started, by announcing “your open door policy” – Let everyone know you are approachable and flexible.

The more you get people to express the truth inside them, no matter how irrational, the better. Help me get through this and you can talk to me about anything on your heart.

To your success, R.I.P.

(((your inner

Death of a dear friend.

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