Historical Decision 2008

Barack Hussein Obama makes US History

Today, Tuesday, 03 June 2008, the last Election Day until November, Barack Hussein Obama is officially declared the democratic presidential nominee, by defeating Hillary Rodham Clinton, Senator and former first lady. Senator Clinton also made history.

Iowa to Minnesota, Thousands of miles traveled, fifty-four hard-fought contests, over sixteen months, This is truly a defining moment for the United States of America. Speaking of defining moments.

Of all the hundreds of years, blacks have slaved, served, worked, lived and competed in America, this is a long overdue first in her history. It is really hard to believe.

This is also a historic step toward Barack's goal of becoming the nation's first black president.

This historical decision 2008 is like David defeating Goliath.

"The end of one historic journey... the beginning of another." Barack Obama's victory has set up a five-month campaign with Republican presidential nominee John McCain of Arizona.

Question: After such a long hard fought battle, do you recommend Hillary Clinton, as the Vice Presidential candidate, with Barack Obama?

Further, here is a list of possible Democratic vice presidential candidates:

* Wesley Clark, 63

* Hillary Clinton, 60

* Chris Dodd, 64

* Chuck Hagel, 61

* Tim Kaine, 50

* Sam Nunn, 69

* Ed Rendell, 64

* Bill Richardson, 60

* Kathleen Sebelius, 60

* Ted Strickland, 66

* Jim Webb, 62

There is something about the sixties.

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"a black man stealing my show."

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