Democracy 2008

Expanding the circle

What is democracy at all cost? Self-defeating.

Welcome to our warm and friendly community of Like-minded nations working together for peace and freedom.

By America's own declarations, do Americans know which Presidential candidate is best suited to harmoniously fulfill America's goal of peace and prosperity?

Which Presidential Candidate best demonstrated they live by the principles necessary to achieve peace and prosperity--freedom?

I believe governance means limiting the reach of government because no government should have a right to impose itself between humans and their lawful aspirations to make of their lives what they will.

I believe a government that governs least governs best; that government should do only those things "required" when individuals cannot do them for themselves, and do them most efficiently.

Let us take Iraq for example: Iraq is our latest and most promising invited guest to enjoy the peace and harmony afforded by our system of democracy.

Does Iraq show any interest in our democratic process?

Is that interest genuine or based on serving information?

After receiving and acting upon false information, where is America's remorse?

What will it cost us to help established democracy in Iraq? Is it worth any "one" America or Iraqi life?

How and why would we force democracy upon any nation?

Is that Democracy?

Take it from a dumb old descendent of slavery, "Nobody" wants anything forced upon them and for those who do, you will live to regret it.

If they do not have the ability to come together, for their own good, then forcing the situation is in vain. How can they stay together without glue?

What's the name of the glue that keeps us together? Black, Red, White, Republican, Democrat or God?

2008 Presidential Elections Pros & "The Cons"

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