Democrat Means Being What

Well, it does not really matter until elections.

Republicans have controlled for so long, most Democrats have adjusted and accepted politics as usual.

For that reason, many democrats are intimidated by republicans. Especially, new voters, because of the way democrats represent themselves, Democrats are a fading breed, much like Christians. They have more reasons not to vote or voice an opinion than to.

Because Democrats are so ineffective, it is almost shameful for one to associate themselves.

Newcomers, why should they be eager to join and voice their opinions? They feel they do not have enough experience. What experience level does it take to say that you are a democrat and you stand for Democracy in America? Being a Democrat means being courageous and strong. A lot when Republicans are in control of all the milk and honey--spending.

Do Democrats really have what it takes to govern. Can Democrats put good people in key positions. Is that better for healthy growth in America? Names, what they mean?

Courage to no longer be defined by old behaviors but by a new relationship in life.

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