Democratic Party, 2008

Experience vs. Fresh Leadership

  1. Is the Democratic Party looking for experience or A Change?

  2. Are the Primary Elections being dragged out or does the Democratic Party have enough input from the American people to select "the best" Democratic Candidate for change?

  3. Is the Democratic Party organized enough to make a life saving decision?

One candidate has had the experience and the other is seeking an opportunity for fresh leadership to make a change.

It seems both Hillary and Barack, the two democratic candidates, will campaign to the end, irregardless to the Democratic Party needs--Unity and Fresh Leadership.

If Hillary Clinton, America's former First Lady, for eight years and current State Senator, has so much experience, Why is America in the condition she is in? Why is Hillary having to work so hard, for what one with such a wealth of experience, should have already easily achieved? Did she miss her opportunity?

As a former first lady and current State Senator, should not Hillary have addressed all along, the issues she now proclaim.

Is she claiming these issues out of Fear or Selfishness--the first female president?

Where is the concern for the Democratic Party needs?

Since Hillary has had the opportunity and experience, Why does not her experience tell her to concede and work together with Barack, for the sake of uniting the democratic party, saving U.S. dollars and building a better America?

Maybe these questions will help Democratic voters understand the difference between hype, missed opportunities, personal agendas and fresh leadership.

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