Deployed military parents are losing custody of their children

Punishment to the soldier. I thought you knew.

Are they really or are they just looking for someone else to blame? The absence of child-custody protections for our military parents is not by accident, but "a matter of state law concern." So when you go fight for your country and your kids are taken from you, it is upto and depending on which state you live, if you can get them back? And the federal Government is scared to move on this for fear that protection would infringe upon state law. Where is the unstable environment?

When a military parent is deployed, he or she just might be contributing to an unstable home life or environment? Scary! Can you imagine? What about it being a trend and rising?

When military parents have children and are deployed, somebody has to help take up the slack, so to help maintain a stable environment they voluntarily relinquish their right. Be careful to who because it can turn into the horror story of a life time. They may not show it, but some people do things to take advantage of the situation. Trying to please everybody and end up losing one of your most valued possessions is devasting, sparking waves of anger and fear everywhere? Though it has recently come to light, it has been and still is happening during every deployment. In other cases, the remaining spouse has abandon their children. Another, the remaining spouse takes the children and abandons the deployed spouse. I have even seen it, on more than one occasion, where the remaining spouse has fatal abused their children. Stress?

My experience in the Army, I can say this happens hundreds of times across the nation, if not more. It does not matter if you are single or married.

Where does it stop? Strengthen protections for deployed military parents in custody cases. Here is another little known secret, it is not just unique to soldiers.

Search it, Google or yahoo it: "Deployed military parents are losing custody".

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