Digging your own grave

It seemed like yesterday.

One foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel! What does your insurance plan say: One Simple Human Being?

I spend so much time and energy worried about the wrong damn things. It ain’t always the leaning tree that falls first. I make life easier by making it harder, do you know me? I’m a liar and scared to say or do anything about it. And whatever I do, I do for me.

The more, the merrier??? Are you bored? Who are you trying to fool? Have you figured things out? Are you ahead of the game? Do you Need to be entertained? Then Dig Your Own Damn Grave. What do you do to keep happy when you are off balanced?

Do you even know what off balanced is? Always stumbling and falling? Always failing? Why do we have nothing functional? Why social and economic decline?

Now, if you want to find the subject matter expert in this area, you can always ask me. They got all the land but you do all the work? What is your pay going to be?

As I sit here in this hole, I think of miners, no matter how deep they go, they’re going to end up at six feet. Quite simply, you are going to pay, not to me, but your soul?

Most of us are so involved, rapped up in silly material bullshit, there can be no other way. How long have you done the wrong damn thing and fail to change? We’re so busy being busy, we’ve lost sight of what busy we should be. Now, if that ain’t a stupid-ass?

What time do you have, what time do you need to be there, why rush and whose clock are you watching? How do you spend your time? Do you work more for you enemy than you do yourself? You already know, looks like the grave you’re digging.

But, I can tell you, if you really want to feel what it is like, if you have the nerve, the courage, the be truthful with yourself, just dig you a whole and crawl your stupid ass up in it. No more bridge jumping, academic accomplishments/failures, money, status, stupid ass marriages, civil and women rights, politicking, wars, back biting, poverty and rich, busting their asses to be somebody who you think you ought to be. You know, you are nothing more and less than just a simple human being. Be yourself.

No matter how much bullshit you put yourself and others through…

No matter how much bullshit you do, you are going

I wouldn’t dig my own grave. I’m always talking about how “ahead of the game I am and want to be”, but as I was digging this hole reality set in.

This looks like a grave, am I digging my own grave? That wouldn’t be unlike me, except I do not want to be buried?

half empty or full, Proper nutrition

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And after my transition

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