Discipline Starts Here

Some parents make their children vile because they do not restrain them. Even though there is a large window for error, many adults fail miserably to discipline themselves and family members. This is the same as saying, many adults fail to love themselves and family members, which is the same as saying you fail to love God.

It is no easy task to tell someone how to discipline, but I can tell you, you must discipline yourselves or be destroyed. Lack of discipline means out of control and intentionally aggravating each other, which presents very dangerous situations. What does bad ass children indicate? Bad ass children indicate bad ass parenting. In disciplining yourselves, you will learn to discipline others.

For those who use violence to discipline, you are as much the problem as they are. That was a hard pill for me to swallow. We beat because we were beaten. Nobody wants to be beat, so why beat anybody? We are only making the disciplinary process harder. We must learn better ways to discipline each other, then and only then people will be more open to discipline. Until then, ignorance prevails.

The best way to learn discipline is to rely on your faith. There you may learn acceptable behaviors and how to make good choices. When others see you restraining and respecting yourself and being encouraged, then they will want the same. That is one reason why spirituality is so important early on. If any organization is teaching a double standard, then you must know you are wasting your time. We have had this kind of system for so long it has made it even harder to out grow. The idea is to attract people, not to run them off.

The best way to practice discipline is to start with yourself and family. That is tough love mostly because your family was here before you. For whatever reasons, many homes need help practicing discipline and these should be the focus of our communities. Discipline is an act of caring, an act of love. Checks and balances, why would not you want someone to come into your home? Is that a door for you to hide behind? What do you have to hide? The world is our home.

The next most important thing to well-intentioned discipline is enforcing it. You must teach there are consequences for your actions or lack of action, especially for those things in which you are responsible. That is one of the main reasons why our prisons are so full. The key to enforcing discipline is to start the communications process early on, doing things to encourage good behavior. An idle mind is a devil's workshop. And when you face your challenge, keep in mind that none are perfect, in many cases we have been taught to dislike and disrespect each other. The saving grace is as we grow we learn. Stay focused and try to catch matters before they get out of hand.

What kind of parents are they who do not correct their children? Answer: Not much of a family! Strong family values make strong family members and strong family members make strong families. Build a strong family, one that happily sticks together through thick and thin, because they know you are fair and they know it because you love them.

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