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What's your rank or ranking?

How is it determine who ranks where? Why? Is your house better or more important than mine? Search engine optimization has and is quickly going to Pots. Or is it discover 50,000 entries of the SOS?

You want to discover anything, but you cannot find yourself? If I am so dumb, why can I figure out these things? Where or who is Art Thomas at Milledgeville, GA? Is he connected to your inner or not? What about he accuracy of the information we are getting?

Rankings! Does the people really decide or is it search engine optimization? Why concern yourself with rankings?

Why cannot the likes of Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing do the job for which they are getting paid good money? Is that the problem? Why do we spoil everything by trying to cater to and please “the top dogs”? Is that anything new?

Why is what Katie Couric has to say, more important than what Art Thomas has to say? Is it because the top dogs approve of Katie? Is Leroy less credible? Why does the big dogs validate themselves based on viewer participation, when they otherwise ignore the little dog. What’s going on with our support network?

When you look in a dictionary, it’s all in alphabetical/numerical order? Filing works the same? Why not the web? Is it the more you pay, the more you play?

What’s up with that? Is it you or is it them? Is it that you must pay to be discovered? If we say we are doing such a great job at search engine optimization, should not you be able to find all resources, in an organized fashion, read about them and make a decision. Why all the hype about the best search engine optimization, algorithms, formulas they do not want you to know? Why don’t they want us to know them? Is that the object of the game? Guess how to look this word up in the dictionary?

Instead of all the hype, changing and figuring out algorithms, why not one formula that fits all? Why google a key word and come up with 200,000 results of the same entry? Why 50,000 CNN’s, CBS’s, NBC’s, Justin Bieber’s… Is search engine optimization based on popularity?

What about one entry that leads to Art Thomas, with a link to “everything about Art Thomas page”, no matter who wrote it?

Instead of all these fragment pieces of information littered all over the web, you must comb through to get what you want, why not an everything about Art Thomas page and one link to that? No discrimination?

Would not that cut down on a whole bunch of Search Engine Optimization, frustration, stress and yield a more productive web product and service? Why does the always have to be a top dog?

(((your inner

You are not alone!

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