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My name is Art Thomas and I want a farm. I do not know how, but some way, I am going to get it!

I have given myself a goal and, well, quite a challenge. I am farming, because I have a passion for it and believe in growing more of our own. I believe farming is one of the best ways for stress relief, a healthy mind and body, disease prevention, confidence, and looking great. This will be my first attempt, but I have been training for the past few years. The challenge is especially heightened for new farmers because of all the hard work, limited funds, high prices and the psychological demands solitary confinement brings. I have never farmed—but I am more than ready.

I’ve seen what is happening to my teammates lives and communities. I want to offer them a place of refuge.

I’ve seen them fight for their homes, their families, for their children, and for their ability to regain control of their lives. I hate economic excuses.

Discover who you are, fight with who you are not, and figure out who you want to be. Good is the enemy to great and success is not luck or how the cards fall—but a decision you must make every day.

Everyday ask the to value of what you can bring to the team and encourage each other to bring it all. Set goals and go after them, together. Discover who you are and expect great things!

I have made that commitment and dedication to farm, but I’m going to need your help. COUNTRY STRONG!

If you can help me find a farm Please Contact me.

Art Thomas@(((your inner

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