A dollar today

Why are you "trying" to figure out how to make a dollar today instead???

Do you really need the money that bad or is it something else?

I think about shit like that, one because it came from a bright young man.

Why would you waste your time "trying" to figure out how to make a dollar today instead of figuring what you love to do to make a dollar every day?

The reverse of that is, how can I take advantage of someone with a dollar today? What can I do to trick them into paying me? And that mentality causes our society to suck today. Do you have something I can do? Ms. do you want your grass cut? Look airconditioners, blowdryers, vacuums... Is it the same as pedding or pan handling? Why not just reduce yourself to begging?

Do you like or want unsolicited advertisement? What do we call that? Junk mail? Are we to make a living aggrevating the shit out of others, teasing them, luring them?

Can you not survive until? Why stress yourself in such a fashion? Even missionary work becomes aggrevating? All you gone do is come by, sit on your ass and talk. Why not help with the chores? Show or share a better way. Why do you think someone wants to see your face? Like I said, what if everyone did that. Is it the same as foraging?

Thinking too small, the result of which is how long will it take you to get there? On how many doors will you knock? Is it a good idea to go around looking for without being invited? Will you do the same tomorrow? Then, how will you ever get above that?

Do you know how drug people recruit? Do they look for people needing a dollar today?

Because some claim having great success doing that, think about the implications. Soon you will be more about the dollar than you are your work?

You develop a don't care attitude. You are advocating you're looking for work, when all you want to do is eat, sleep and be healthy.

Look how we've structured our society. It makes no sense but we've done it so long in a backwards manner, we think it makes sense.

Were you born to work for someone else or for the good of the whole. Work for the good of the whole will feed you infinitely.

How do wealthy people think? They are about investing in the masses. I'm working towards a better self, community and world.

Live within your means.

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