You demand them and a special secret person somewhere manufactures and supplies them.

As in Dollars and Cents, The first, The everything, everywhere Trade terms. Who's getting one? Apply now. Dollars, have become our most important reason for living and working and it has gotten off track from there.

The very appealing irresistible got to have'em slave making dollars. Yes, dollars will make a slave of YOU. You want them so bad to get what you want, you will do anything to get them. We lost focused on what needed and the work required to get it.

It stead of using dollars to adorn ourselves, why not use them to free ourselves and others. Above food, clothing, shelter, living happy and healthy, what else do we need?

Like a pacifier to a baby, so is the dollar to us and when it comes to nutrition, there is no value.

Yet, we measure our success with dollars and cents. We glorify the dollar and those with it and can not seem to separate the two. The economy, debt income ratios, budgets....We have got to have the dollar before we are able to do anything. Dollars have come to rule our lives.

Plus, we make a lot less, but we buy more than ever and it is getting more ridiculous by the moment, more closed than open.

With Dollars, we are constantly improving and consuming for no apparent reason. It just goes on and on, from head to toe, cars to shoes. Something different for every occasion. And even crazier, once we think we are there, the whole game changes, we have got a bigger and better way. Now, we have a bad habit, for the dollar, we are making "new", every year.

Is not that a distraction from who we really are and what we are suppose to be doing, instead of dollar chasing?

Go faster, fly higher to where, for what? Swimming pools, fancy cars, shiny wheels, DVD's. Now, here is one that gets me, rubbing cars. Do you know how many hours, water, soap and other products we spend rubbing our cars? Can you imagine how hard we work to have a nice very over-priced new or used car? How can you save a life, when the soul is lost?

We have so thoroughly confused ourselves, we do not know a lady from a man, a lady from a young girl, men from women... No dollars, no meaningful communication. That is how confusing we have made things.

Everyday I work but no dollars. Who makes dollars? Dollars will make a fool of you. That is why We can not "find You".

You can often here this one: Another day, another dollar but You never here this one: Another day, another you and I am working on me? Join me

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