Dr King's dream fulfilled by President Obama

Do you think Dr. King's dream has been fulfilled by President Obama?

I would like to think that Martin Luther King fulfilled his dreams. That he made more progress than he ever dreamed possible and now it is up to the next poor victim. I think that was his mission.

I do not know why we keep doing that to ourselves? Did Dr. King fulfill the dream of Harriet Tubman, Abraham Lincoln, Fredrick Douglas, Nat Turner, Art Thomas and other great leaders who did not get world attention? Who fulfilled their dreams? What consulation is there in working like hell, but never completing the mission. There is a connection but the reality is just not so.

I would say, MLK's dream was for all people to be treated equally in America? Why, because the mistreatment of Black people in America was and in many cases, still is an accepted norm.

Just like the rest of us, I think Dr. King would be pleased and I think he knew things had to change and the reality of it all is, when it comes to cronysm and corruption, why do we need to be physically forced to do what we know we need to do and that has not changed.

I think I understand the connection we are trying to make. In that they were all great leaders, I say yes. But here is the deal, Black people in America have been conditioned and are often too afraid to come together and stand up for ourselves.

Our stake in this country is the work, slave labor, we were forced to do, to first help them and take what remained for ourselves, which in recent times has gotten even tighter and smaller. There has always had to be that one person to make the ultimate sacrifice before any of our specific issues are properly addressed. Very little has changed in our favor based upon remorse and peaceful dialogue.

Look what had to happen for MLk to become what he is in the heart and mind of people today? Is that a dream of yours? Would you like to fulfill that dream? Is it even humane to have to go through such a violent process to achieve a non-violent mission? Well, historically, that is what happened to people who have tried like hell to help black folk. Then, on the other hand, there is always coup d'état. The middle ground, peace and harmony, it seems always escapes us in our quest for them.

I hope we will stop looking for someone to stand up for us and one by one start standing for the good we know we have in us. We must know, in order for anything good to happen to and for us, as a people, we must stand together, be better prepared and organized. That thought alone, scares the shit out of most folk. Nobody wants to assume that leadership role, because black people, all too well, understand the possible consequences they must be willing to face.

For obvious reasons, we just was not privy to the facts and information needed to have a good working knowledge of how this country was run - trickery. So for most blacks, those kinds of dreams just ain't worth it to try and fulfill.

President Obama and Obama the man is best suited to help carry out the MLK dream while pulling us all together at the same time. So far, he is all we got. Great minds think alike.

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