Drawing people to you

Drawing people to you?

I am beautiful inside and out?

People will be drawn to you. Can you be happier? Can you keep it straight, this time?

Many would respond by saying they do not want people to be drawn to them. Really, what they are saying is they do not want to attract the wrong people. Energy, negative and positive, put them all in the pot and things will start to look up. A new beginning in so many different ways. Isn’t that diversity?

Why are so many drawn to America, when we are unable to be ourselves? Can they be themselves? Is that why we think they work so much better? Are we doing that to ourselves? Sometimes people are fooled and are drawn to you for the wrong reasons. Beaware when either of you learn different.

Better to be who you are than waste valuable time being something you cannot be for long? This is a back to school savings.

Two sides to every story, one you do by addressing and the other you do by ignoring. Ignorance can be good!

Problems create depression and depression hurts, if you do not have someone willing to listen and talk, do you need them? Why do you need like-minded individuals? Connection, compatibility in relationship are important and you cannot make it without being grounded.

The internet is doing over a million things right now and in a matter of seconds. Nothing can resist it. It is the one thing that changes everything, so make it worth it! Unleash your hidden powers. Wild and freaky!

So do you think it better to repel or attract?

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