Dressing in Drag

Sometimes I think about things. Are we headed where we think we are? I might not be the best writer, but tell me what you think after reading this article.

Do women know more than men? Are men allowed to openly express their feelings? Are men allowing women to beat them? Who wears the pants in your house? What does it take to break into "the good old boys world"? Better parents, better people, better relationships, better future?

How do people judge men for dressing in drag, because women don’t dress in drag? Why do we harshly judge men who dress in drag? Who helps them accessorize? Men dressing in drag are considered social taboos. Kilts are about the only exception to this rule. Well, maybe deep in Africa or some other third world country people do not judge you so harshly by the clothes you wear. You can dress with dignity.

Most men who dress in drag lose their identities as men. So good trairs of these men are: they have a good eye for coordinating and accessorizing, hair, color, how to put things together. A lot of the time these men are consulted for their talents – dressing in drag. Who are the best interior decorators, hair dressers? Why are women more acceptable of gay men? How comfortable, in their skin, these men must be with themselves to wear women clothing?

Businesses have more success in the women clothing industry with men who are good dressers. Women value the opinion of men. The opposite works in the men’s clothing industry, men value the opinion of women. Men are accustom to women dressing them. If it were left unto a man to dress himself, we wouldn’t be having this conversation?

Then, why are we so judgmental on men dressing in women clothing when we are not on women dressing in men clothing? That’s a double standard I do not think is fair, from CEOs all the way down.

There are so many official instances of women dressing in men clothing, without losing their identities. As a matter of fact, they most often commended for their courage and/or nothing is said in the same places it would be considered taboo for men to do the same – schools, hospitals, businesses, prisons, police.

What about the dignity of these women? Does clothes really make a big difference? Is it because these men are considered heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, or asexual? Does it matter if a woman is the same? All the negative stuff we say about men dressing in drag, why doesn't it apply to women dressed as men? Why don't we call a woman dressed in men clothing, dressing in drag?

These women are dressed in men clothing, yet considered professionally dressed and proven in their job skills. Why not the other way around? Think about that! Men dressing in women clothing would be considered a disgrace, wrong and there are plenty of people who can tell you why. But put the shoe on the other foot, for women, it's the greatest thing since sliced bread? Transgender is a general term applied to a variety of individuals, behaviors, and groups involving tendencies to vary from the usual gender roles.

What am I saying? Double standards and doing things and not thinking about them. Why do we discourage little boys from playing with dolls? Just look how judgmental we are, when on the other side we think we are making progress. Think about how much work these women must go through to make themselves presentable and professional while dressed in men clothing?

As a general rule, this is just one of my taboos, Don’t judge me?

Women have been wearing slacks as a fashion statement since the early sixties. Women are usually complaining of double standards in society. The pay! The glass ceilings! The good old boy world?

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