Drunk Speak

By now, who do you think is listening to you?

Why should any rational human being listen to anyone who leads their country into an economic crisis? Well, it did not get there by its self.

Do you understand drunk speak? No, it is not M.A.D or BAD, it is much worse! There is “no excuse” for being irresponsible. How can you take anybody serious, which is the way it is? You know!

Everything and all things are possible when done responsibly. Accidents, mistakes, anything, but nothing done irresponsibly can ever be responsible. Early prostitution in Korea, that is what we call it? 12 year old marriages in Africa and the likes. Duty, Honor, Country…if one by one we all took back that mentality? No parties and all that other kind of Democratic STUFF.

Do you know drunk speak when you hear it? We will arrest, jail, imprison someone for drunk driving but we embrace people with DRUNK SPEAK. Priests taking little boys and every time they gon say they don’t. Trust me! raising Taxes, is that all they can talk about? Am I on the wrong side of the fence? Am I the only one?

I am not saying GO BACK! I AM SAYING, move forward? Now, I am hearing how many billions of dollars are being spent here? You’ve immigrants, residents and guests of Honor. How do you feel to work and die for nothing? Nothing but drunk speak, false promises, high hopes, milk and honey, what happened to apple pie and ice cream? Do you really think any REAL American does not deserve that? Do you not know what we have been through, and together survived? Where is your loyalty, duty, honor drunk speak? A lie is nothing for any…

Respect yourself and others will respect you….DO NOT TRY DRUCK SPEAK, it is through? Is war a reality? Do you not think somebody, anybody can “kick your ass”? What kind of mentality is that? Sleep disorder, can you go to sleep without your gun? Does it take an army to defend you and your lies? Do not you think soldiers get tired of dying for your sorry ass - paying a good person to take a bullet for a crooked ass? Is it a waste of bullets or people? Don’t let your luck run out? STOP talking DRUCK SPEAK.

People in this country need, food, water, adequate shelter, transportation, health care and all you talk is drunk speak. There is nothing intelligent about it. People see your crooked ass. They see, “if it was not for your army and gun? How long do you think a gun, no Army no gun, can “protect your ass”. Eventually, your no respect is going to catch up to you.

How long can you outrun your shadow? There ain’t nothing worse than protecting a bunch of sorry asses. You know exactly who you are, Are you hiding? Hiding and go seek? You know!

All you have to do is straighten your drunk ass up. Do not worry about other drugs, you need to stay your drunk ass off The BEER!

We ain’t scared and we ain’t never been scared. We took our licks, dog bites, water hoses and drunk speak. That is how we know so well your drunk speak. People who want to do something good, why start in Africa? China? India? More drunk speak.

Everyday could be a party, not just at elections, polls? But you are not going to allow that to happen, it can only be for your drunk ass, that is in your mind. Stress, less is better?

How can you get any peace and harmony, when there are others constantly aggravating your ass with drunk speak - drunk speaking mass media?

..Politics and we want you to think, we think you actually believe your Drunk Speak. Are not you tired of being caught with your pants down? What is a dying breed? You keep so much shit going on, it ain’t even funny,,,drunk speak. History tells it all? I want the Farm and the shipping lines.

Heah, when was the last time you thanked a slave?

Can you take your own ass whipping, by yourself? Can you leave me out the picture? Can you alone fight them wars and tell them long ass lies...you all are a bunch of Nigger Lovers and what is wrong with that? How did we get here? Tell the truth?

Life is crazy until you run the fuck out and take your own bullet. How do you explain that to your children? Behind who do they hide, Mexicans, East Indians,,,we have peeked your game...The People Now Know.

The next nuclear bomb to "go off" will be your ass. You know!

(((your inner voice The FARM and shipping lines!)))

In this life you have to pay for what you get or is it get what you can take? How can you blame any immigrant...That is like blaming yourself - Drunk speak? Somebody has better get this ship turned around fast!

Let's see who is really talking drunk speak? It is what it is. You know!

Is marriage good for your health? Please give me a break. Is marriage good for your economy? Then why are we....mo drunk speak. You know!

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