A Drunk An Alcoholic

Destroy Two for one drink

To me alcoholic is too nicer word of a drunk. I am sure you do not know any?

A man, woman, boy or girl, drinking until they fall out, on a regular basis!

Smoking and a few other things, I can understand, but heavy drinking? I tried it and it just makes me sick the next day. Once, I drank so much, I was seriously sick for a whole week. I thought I was going to die. My head and stomach, I thought would never get back to normal. The crazy thing about it is, we have cut out smoking in many public places, but drinking?

I am not painting myself as an angel and do not want to be judgmental, because I drink and smoke. Every once in a while, I do it too much. That makes me not understand too much heavy drinking any way, unless you want to be sick.

How could or can an adult, with one child, drink to the point of incapacitation and then be hung over the next morning, every day? The constant hangovers, I can only imagine being sick every day.

Now, let us kick this to the next level. Drinking until you pass out? Drooling all over yourself? Urinating on yourself? Being abusive to family members? Repeated DUIs? Eyes swollen, mouth dry! Can not eat, but you want to get pissy drunk?

You lie to everybody, including your drunk buddies. You sneak around drinking, your hidden empty bottles are evidence. You steal alcohol. You are drunk with selfishness. Problems, you want talk about them to anybody you know can help. What about choices?

You are a single mom. You can not get along with your sixteen year old daughter, she is not a drunk and have learned to deal with you, as a drunk. You are sophisticated, you work everyday, you are educated...I mean what good can all that be, when you come home in the wee hours of the morning or the next day, drunk as hell. How would you expect your sixteen year old daughter to respond or understand? Are you robbing her of her childhood?

Your parents are upset, you are upset, your child is upset, friends and family members doing all they can to reach out to you and all you can do is show up drunk as a skunk, saying, "I am sorry". Bills, appointments, food, all the junk it takes to survive is out of control. You call yourself having a social life by entertaining and sleeping with a bunch of men. At will, you call in on your job.

How can you expect family and friends to stand by and watch you destroy, not only your life, but the life of your child? Two for one bottle.

May be you can help me? What do I do? What can I do?

If you can stand it, you can smoke numerous cigarettes over a short period and it might take years...Now, you can do the same with alcohol and within a few hours, be so drunk you do not know what is going on. In a public place, we can drink ourselves to hell and back, but we can not smoke?

Pain pleasure Pain...?

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