The best solution on the market for catching fish

Yes, I purchased this machine about 4 months ago. It is no where near as easy as implied. First there was skeptcism, language barrier, but I purchased it any way.

The first few times I caught no fish. I have not caught a catfish yet, but I have caught four scaled fish.

May be I still do not know how to use the machine, which setting is best for what water. There are so many settings and not knowing what they mean makes them useless. This machine, works but nothing like advertised. I will update this page when my fishing luck changes with this machine.

Inertly floating fish should be picked up quickly, because in several seconds they recover equilibrium and escape at random.

Electrofishing is a fun, non-confrontational, may be one day.

Have more information, give me a call: Art 478-452-2597, Email Art

Samus Special Electronics Official Website

email ELECTROFISHER SAMUS725M , tel: +48-509-444-809

That's the spirit!

Art,just read your experiences with the Samus and they differ greatly to mine,I paid £275 for my unit and in less than a year I have caught over 1000 edible trout,contact the manufacturers for setting advice, good luck. --Evatw167nl Mar. 4,'09

So there is HOPE!...Art

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