Education Abroad

Is the United States the edge of your world?

Many Americans see the world as America and America as the world. That's all they know.

Learning is a most important role for humans. We're all connected and learning from each other helps make our world the very best place.

As global citizens, we need to become globally educated, enhancing and reinforcing our connectivity and collaboration. Helping each other strengthens us, but individualism and self-reliance are dangerous and make us weak. Two acting together are better than one self-reliant individual.

The best method of ensuring students develop a relevant and realistic view of the world is to get them involed. Participate in the global education exchange.

See how other people live, what they value and how they to raise their children and share. My education experience abroad has significantly helped me develop a more relevant and realistic view of the world.

Learn from the rest of the world.

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