Education in the hood

Online ad says, Obama ask moms to return to school?

What is that add referring to? Obama increases college funding. I am not sure if it is true or not, but I think it is an excellent idea. Single mothers maintaining home, work and school work for themselves and their children. Financial Aid, Time and transportation are also factors? Click here!

There used to be education in our communities, but it seems it has come to a close. It has given way to a bit more nonproductive ways of today and possibly a lost generation. A generation who can not grow anything, don't really know what is best to eat nor how to properly care for themselves?

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Education in the hood, No inhibitions, Intellectually speaking, Internationally speaking a generation who wants to learn and work together. The Change?

Yesterday, a guy told me about two boys who got to fighting in his yard. Yes, right in front of his house. For no apparent reason to neighbors and on-lookers, two young boys started fighting. He says, Tensions, they just got too close and started swinging. Now, where is the counseling?

In that same neighborhood is an ongoing investigation of a shooting that occurred the night before. The two incidents are not related. Now, the incidents has gone from one house to the whole neighborhood.

It makes me think of Iraq Iran, fighting for no apparent reasons, at least from an American perspective.

And while their young folk are doing things like that, our youth are riding around with their buddies in a fancy looking automobile, wheels, tag, title and insurance. We are pimping ourselves on local street corners. Why? For what? Police patrols "harassment and intimidation"? Stupid mistakes over and over again. Being caught up in your own blindness. But we can get a job and act different. It is something about how we live? We will work in a nice clean Walmart while living in a pig pen. How we treat each other? Standards at home?

So many of us never really take full advantage of the opportunity to experience the fullness of life, to live our best lives. This is not a race, creed not color thing, it is a mental thing.

The riots Iran and nobody to quickly intervene and bring peace for “peace sake”. That is how chicken hearted we really are. Fraud, waste and Abuse, stoking unrest, meddling signalling a further hardening stance toward the West, especially Britain and the U.S. responded in kind. Britain and the U.S. were behind the 1953 coup that toppled Prime Minster Mohammad Mossadegh, who nationalized Iran's oil industry. Britain had almost complete control over Iran's oil industry for decades.

How is it possible to answer controversies through counting some ballots? How can you help yourself get somewhere?

Reality versus actuality?

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