What happens when Giant Egos meet Guilt, Regret, and Fear?

The Final Call? The Judgment Day? Illusions of living somebody else's dreams and ideas of success teach timeless lessons.

Today, people around the world are experiencing some of the most intense and contradictory emotions they have had in their entire lives.

For the past couple of decades, people were encouraged to spend, spend and spend - riding a fast train to hell. Instead of saving, we marveled over illusions of making money for a stress free lifestyle, how much money we had or could have earned... Development here, there, every where... Water... Fuel... Energy... Food... God... Health care... Insurance... guarantees... Poll this poll that... Law suit upon law suit... Iraqi this... and Then, we witnessed how fast it all can vanish... and how little we have to show for it.

Today, many rightfully worry about what happens next with our ailing economy, because that dictates what happens to us. We torture ourselves and others, thinking how much better life could have been had not we fell for that illusion of success. We are emotionally beaten for plunging into debt, buying more house/s than we need, and then borrowing even more to help create the illusion of success - fancy furnishings and autos, designer fashions, lavish dinners and trophy vacations. All inflated crap to impress others and feed our giant egos.

Now guilt, regret, fear has sat in and people are blaming their problems on the White House, Congress, the Treasury, the Fed and greedy bankers and lenders.

Regardless of who we blame; the humiliating truth is "we the people" and "we the people alone" help to create and supported this grand illusion of success... failing to be prudent with money, accepting debt sparingly or not at all, living sensibly and within our means; we have managed to accumulate more debt than we could ever afford to pay off.

How can I know people are feeling all this guilt, regret, and fear? Simple: All my senses reveals this to me! Loss of HOPE for PEACE and PROSPERITY! Though it was in a false sense, America provided global hope for a world of people. Now that global hope has been completely damaged, Americans are scoffing around like a disturb ant-bed to fix the problems, while "The people" are aimlessly looking. Americans have been working backbreaking hours, to invest in their future, health care and welfare so they can make it through tough times. Now, "tough times" have hit home and at every door, "the people" are met with grave disappointment. Crisis and turbulent times brought on by crime, corruption and ensuing arguments about ridiculous amounts of money. Really, how much money is $900 billion?

Where does it go from here? How are we going to get through this crisis as tough times intensifies? Stop fooling ourselves! First we must realize, like a Tsunami, death and destruction is headed our way. I would not mine being broke, but Busted and Disgusted is a pain to heavy to bare? Some say, expend every ounce of energy to make as much money as is legally and ethically possible, every hour, day, and working week. Because only more money can get my family safely through this global crisis... no matter how long it lasts.

I am saying, the crisis we are currently experiencing goes much deeper than MONEY! Money is everywhere, but who gets it? The "greed for money" is the cause of inflation. The more we get the more we want. Our real problem has something to do with ethics. This is the final call for life as we knew it! This is the Judgment Day! Change courses of action or PANIC!

How do we avoid panic? Stress brought on by Unnecessary Death and Devastation! Give the people what they need! Inspiration, Spirituality and Income. We must meet the basic needs of "the people". We do that by meeting the basic needs of our families -- food, clothing and shelter. Help others do the same--positive action, Real property and Kill inflation? Inflation is taking us out. Cost of living/prices/salaries have been inflated through the roof! No more honest day's work for an honest day's pay and our cost of living reflects that. This demands a immediate global reversal in attitude- a change in the way we view truth, business, reality, God and the kind of products and services we develop and sale? How to best be ourselves, while helping others. Character Counts. Time-honored and proven for a good reason.

What are YOU doing to prove your value to "the people"? Before it is "too late for us", Here is one good opportunity here, Imagine If.

Positive emotions empower you, negative emotions imprison you, if you build positive emotions, you will reap positive emotions. If you build upon negative emotions, fear you will surround you.


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