What is Empath

People who feel the moods, emotions and intentions of other people when they come upon them or think about them. In some cases when there is a close family connection, like spouse or children, they will spontaneously feel it when a dramatic change in emotions occurs in their loved one. We call these people an empath. Read more: Empaths

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Art and Community of Art, I think it's important to understand these two facts about being an empath:

1) Empaths can connect to people in ways that are NOT emotional, such as intellectual or spiritual gifts as an empath.

2) Whatever your gift(s), you can become skilled as an empath, where your gift(s) is turned off most of the time. (I have developed techniques for this, plus techniques for turning empathic gifts on, safely and vividly.)

If you're among the 1 in 20 Americans with a gift as an empath, you really owe it to yourself to become skilled! Discovering the sort of thing you have described is just the beginning. Congratulations! -- I invite you to visit me at Deeper Perception Made Practical

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