How Evil Are People


So you want to know how evil you are?

Can you tell the good guys from the crooks? How can your love ones not see your hollow emptiness?

True, False, Misleading, do you see evil as normal? Do you think you are smarter than everyone else? What is your mission?

Society has spun a terrible monster, can you see it in dollars and sense? Would we admit we do not need most of what we have? What about most of what we need is no good anyway? Is it killing you?

Tension, conflict, corruption, in the blink of an eye things can go terribly wrong. Are you here for Peace and Harmony? Are we on opposite sides of “the same battle”? Do we bring out the best in each other? Then, why aren’t people good?

The truth is stranger than fiction, always has been and always will be. So, technology, for who is it really? Is it to maintain control?

So who’s really in control? That’s a big difference.

How do you accomplish mission impossible? Will this be the challenge that defeats you?

Now you know just how evil we are to each other.

(((your inner

Poise, do it matter?

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