Only if you have a taste for luxury, romance, relaxation, in work and play. How expensive is that? Why is it so hard to find--the excellent job?

I have nothing to contribute? I do not know what to do? Do you hear people saying that? It's the same as saying, I am stuck in a rut. Well, we want to experience excellence, but we just can't seem to stay motivated and give up. So in our personal lives, we settle for much less. We get stuck in a rut. A lot of it has to do with all our learned taboos and negative advice. But I am a quick learner!

I was also that way until one person came along and showed me the way. That's "All it takes". Now, these people come along at different levels, stages and reasons in your life, the question is, "Are you prepared"?

Good is one thing but excellence is another. Just may be we ought to kick this up a notch or two. Are you up for the challenge? Here is how and why?

Excellence is the state or quality of excelling, particularly in the field of business and organizations. But, what about in our personal lives? Isn't that more important?

From time to time I notice my thoughts are finding fault in either myself or others. A better choice is to strive for excellence in all "I" think, say and do.

There is a higher standard of being and it is a conscious and mindful connection with the Spirits within us.

Through this wisdom, I make healthier, more positive, productive choices. Success manifests in my life as I become the very best person I can be. That's excellence!

Learn wisdom by three methods.

my mantra: Show yourself in all respects a model of good works.

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