Things have a way of coming back to haunt you.

Haunted by excuses, how do you get rid of excuses? Aren’t excuses like roaches, the more you feed them, the more they reproduce?

Just think if you fed yourself the same, the more you did the more you would get done. The more good relationships built, the more produced? The more produced the more productive.

Let’s us see how this works with money, the more money I make, the more problems I have? Benefits? The benefits of money? The benefits of good relationships? Which is harder to get? Which is harder to maintain? Which benefits you most?

Common Sense and Priorities? Or Excuses?

We need money, so how do we get it? The same way as everybody else, building good relationships builds hope for a brighter future. Amassing wealth is good to have, but it does not touch the magic and power of good relationships, THEY KEEP “US” GOING. What better example, for one to immulate?

With monies, there are always worries, the main worry being “keeping it”. We spend the better parts of our lives chasing a dollar. Now, we have it in our minds nothing can be done without money? Without money we are doomed? Credit score? Our lives start and end with money. Many lives are lost over …..? Relationships for the wrong reasons are just as deadly.

    Test Questions:
  1. What is your NUMBER 1 Priority?
  2. To whom is your NUMBER 1 PRIORITY?
  3. Are your priorities in order? OMG!

    You can have an economic breakdown over money.

I wonder which is Tiger Woods’ higher priority: money or relationship?

Always have something good to offer and offer it. Or excuses?

Would you buy a Yacht just to be in the Yacht Club?

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