The Fall of A Culture

Would you do anything to destroy yourself? How would we know? If you knew, what action would you take? Or would you just sit back a watch Things Fall Apart. What about your own safety and security? A fellow writer at A field brought this information to my attention.

What would be the indicators?

Slavery, well that is often our excuse?

Spanking children or failing to do so? Making it against the law for parents to spank their kids, and that's when things really went down hill?

Dress? Those pictures make a great point because you can actually see the moral decline of our people based on the way that they dress. Every few years we saw more and more clothes coming off, and now today people are almost walking the street naked. pictures showing the fall of black culture Here it is depicted as black, but I submit it is America.






Guns/Weapons of Mass destruction?

Crime? An alarming and ever increasing crime rate?

Money? Everything is based upon MONEY and inflation?

Power? Abuse of power?

War? Wars and rumor of wars, we are fighting so many wars, we no longer can keep count, who and why? Health care reform?

Priorities? Only people can destroy a culture—work ethics. If you are wealthy, courageous, and a powerful leader would you do anything to save the country you love? Certainly, if you recognized any of these symptoms, you would do whatever it took to alert the appropriate authorities. Would that do any good?

The wrong Priorities will cause the fall of any culture, organization or nation. It seems we are doing everything we can to destroy ourselves, as fast as we can,,, self-defeating and self-destructive behavior.

your inner

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