Families coming Together

You know better?

I'm so excited! I have really got to get this webise going so I can pay my taxes.

How do I do that, without breaking the bank? I've got a thousand acres and they know I have it.

Okay, here we go!

You have got to make them click? How do you do that? Teach them to be smarter, than a filth grader?

Families coming Together Do you need your family and family member? Does your family need you? What happens when you invite other families into your family?

They always told me, be care with whom you invite to your table. Will a son ever be smarter than his daddy? Can you make your children smarter? Would that be a plus or minus?

How do you know when your children are not doing what they supposed to be doing? Does it matter as long as they are not in front of you? What if you had made them smarter? Who is the wiser? Is there anything to a family who prays together stays together?

Families need to come together to do what they got to do. Families has got to come together to do in doing what they got to do.

How do you make a house a home? Who are your family members? How do you best get them to help you? Are you helping them?

One way last forever, the other gets old too soon. Which do you prefer?

United house of prayers, For All People

Can you make your children smarter?

Make’em click? Where is the Artist in You? Whitney is gone meaning who is going to occupy her space? Security, evey time one drops, there's has got to be one to take their place, whether you believe that or not. How is life sustained?

How does is feel to never have what you want? Where is your "garden of eden", how are you maintaining it? Do you need to go to church, go back to school, no child left behind?

Talking about filth: Some call it dirty, but dirt is clean compared to you? It's sacred, what you said about living dirty, do you really mean living in filth?

Does it matter in whose filth you live? Let's take hogs for example, they thrive off living in what we see as filth? Does bacon look good to you? Why are so many people attracted to hog?

What about organization? Do you have problems finding what you need? I know I do, so I am working to be better organized, it less stressful, most effective and efficient.

Buying rocks, why would anyone, in sane mind and body buy rocks? Sometimes it takes a rock to remind you. Why do people choose grave markers? Normally, from what material are they made?

Now, I am going to tell you from where to buy your rocks: My Higer Conscious. you need to know where to buy your rocks. And you need "her" rocks to remind your "dump ass" about what you're supposed to be doing? Do you need a rock to slow your dumb ass down and to speed your smart ass up? The only way you can do that is to purchase one of these rocks: My Higer Conscious.

Have you ever been looking for something you need real bad and it was right there under your nose? I mean you really needed it then but you couldn't find it? Does your bills operate like that? You need the money but you can't find it?

You're talking real stuff to make you better right now. That's what my website is all about. All you got to do is read. Everything you need, to get the farm, the boat, to pay the taxes, the bills, make necessary repairs... all you have to do is wake it up?

Will you wakeup the Artist in you? 1-800-Get-A-Stone -My Higer Conscious.

Does God ever show you something for nothing? How did Eli invent the light buld, the cotton gin? Was it an African thing? From which country does cotton come? From which country did cotton originate? We must master thing, bottle it up to deliberately sell it.

Stop talking shit? Organize, bottle it, set up distribution lines and sell it. People need to know? People """NEED"""" TO KNOW. oNCE AGAIN, people need to know!

Sleeping in dirt or is it filth?

What’s the difference. I won’t sleep in their filth but I will sleep in my own? Does hogs care about who’s filth it is?What difference does it make whose clean it is?

Call to get your stone before I die: 1-800-Get-A-Stone -My Higer Conscious.

Do rocks really work?

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I got a brand new pair of ROLLER SKATES

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