Fashions In A World of Difference

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Do I look like you, think like you or act like you? Why in the world would I want to be like you?

I understand the importance of codes and the fun in festive dress, and you say, I need to dress for success. The question is where does my success start? My pockets are empty and prices continue to rise, keeping just out of reach. Then, there is the change every week?

You spend more time stressing the importance of fashion, style and you can even connect them to grace. Really, how does that help me survive in this place? My priorities and values are already warped and listening to you my pockets and faith will meet the same, while I did not think to buy a good washing machine. Showers are good, quick and easier, but the way you wash is the trick. A good soaking, what does that mean?

I need a tv, a music box and fashions so bright, dance, sports, then I will get me some wheels so I can spend the night.

Personal hygiene use to be high on the list, now it is fashion, so we can not be missed. What does that say for your bed?

In a world of vast differences, what does dressing for success mean? Dressing for success, when you really mean personal hygiene for success.

Now, we have to go back and find out what "personal hygiene" means and what does it include? Who is responsible and how to make it a pleasant thing to do?

How to maintain a healthy balance in a world of vast difference? Personal hygiene, a basic survival skill, for a bright, beautiful, bold, fun filled life and future?


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