Fatherhood Responsible

A new era of responsiblity

Happy Father's Day,

Not just any day, but the 100th anniversary of Father's Day, in America, Sunday, June 21, 2009

I’m writing to share a special message for and to a special group of fathers.

My father was not around and I never knew why, but early on it became a fact of my life. However, I always knew my life wasn't suppose to be that way and one day I was adopted into the family of my dreams--now, I had two mothers and a father.

As a father, I did and wanted the same nice things for me and my family. I married a loving wife and started to build a family. At twenty-one, though I did not have a clue, I accepted the responsibllities of fatherhood and started my family. My family became my reason to live and work. They were my inspiration for being the best I could be.

Fortunate and unfortunate there is a group of fathers who are always left-out and I find myself in that group, so I know how they feel. No matter what they did, they could not keep their families together and in most cases it was best they went their separate ways.

However, because of that, it does not mean they love their children or even their wife any less. As a matter of fact, they would do anything in their power to have either acknowledge them as being a father and daddy to their children. Years have passed and still today, time and years of pain and hurt still stand in their way.

So inaddition to wishing father figures a Happy Father's Day, I make a special Father's Day wish to Abandoned Fathers.

Welcome to a new era of responsiblity and United We Serve.


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