My Dilemmas

Truth or tradition, Who made Me this way?

Whose Fault is it? Who’s at fault for my dilemmas?

That I am broke, whose fault is it? How do I fix it? How can I fix it when I am still blaming somebody else? Why have I worked, toiled and still have nothing?

How can I blame God, why not? I didn’t ask to be here.

In all this sin not, nor charged God foolishly. We’ve been taught to thank God for victory. Why do we teach our children this, so we blame God after loss?

Do you know when you have loss, or losted? Were you not expecting the unexpected? Truth and tradition, teaches people to blame themselves. It creates guilt even where there is no basis for guilt. It makes people hate God and in hating anything, you hate yourself. Just like in love. So if you blame God in victory you will curse God in loss?

You are born in a world of sin, now what are you going to do? That has always been the case and always will be. When ants build a hill and the hill is stepped on, who do they blame?

Who manage your emotions? It takes a level of wisdom beyond, to realize that, to start planning and preparing now because we know it is coming. No matter where you are or who you are with, Live responsibly. Mother Nature is always going to be the same.

Learn to do better. If I think I am now broke now, one day I am going to get old, sick and die. Is it just this simple: In winter prepare for summer and in summer prepare for winter?

(((your inner

Spirit of Truth

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