Fear and Anxiety

Strategies, Tactics, Weapons

Peace and prosperity is the key.

As you press forward towards the goals of the upward calling, fear and anxiety often blocks the way.

We are all ants in an ant hill and there is power in numbers.

  • As much as possible, take time out for yourself and being true to yourself, strive for excellence in peace and prosperity, keeping in mind that others also are, "Do not" let them down"!

  • There are some choices you must make, fight or flight? The only middle ground is a healthy balance of the two. Recognize your environment and the consequences of those choices. It is either you or the bear.

  • Neither your critics nor your competitors should determine the standards you set for yourself!

  • When danger confronts you and it always will, be prepared by constantly exercising your faith.

  • Never take your fears for granted nor lose focus from them. They are there for a reason. Know your God is there to help and nothing can take that away from you. Whatever brought you to it, will take you through it.

  • Learn from experience and "do not" panic! "Do not" afraid or dismayed, the battle is not yours!

  • In the world is destress and frustration. They will fight against you, but have courage, patience and confidence, it has already been conquered for you.

  • Live your life in safety and security, so you alone, can lay down and sleep in peace!

  • Do not be anxioux about anything and allow nothing to seperate you from the love of your God!

  • Enjoy your life, whatever is left of it.

    The other day, I was watching a colony of ants. Even an ant knows what he is supposed to do.

    Gone Green, Your Inner Voice.com

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