Fire Walking

without burning the soles of one's feet - turning fear into power, mind over matter.

Can you be too old to walk on fire? Let's get some excitement going here. I'm having a meltdown already. Not just any state of mind can protect your body like that. Mind over matter, you don't mind and it doesn't matter. Knowing the facts and good old fashion common sense will take you safely over this real illusion and the elements of danger.

23 years of military, I've been through quite a few confidence courses and exercises, but this one is totally different, in that it's all about something you're not supposed to do. So here we go again.

Is fear hindering you? How do you know? How often do you really challenge yourself? Are your goals big enough? Extremely strong and stubborn are they wise? Are they that fearful voice constantly holding you back?

Play with fire and get burned. Now, you can play with fire to learn.

Disclaimer! Do not attempt fire walking without expert guidance. If you get hurt walking on FIRE, and many do, then it's not our fault. You have agreed to tempt this act of and on your own faith. Read on at your own risk.

Today, the act of fire walking is being embraced to overcome our greatest fears and to inspire positive action. It’s amazing how quickly things can change.

Tony Robbins popularized fire walking as an activity for demonstrating it is possible for people to do things that seem impossible to them; the fire walk is a technique for turning fear into power. But Tolly Burkan, founder of The Firewalking Institute for Research and Education, claims he was the first to introduce the practice to North America - Skeptic’s dictionary

Walking on fire has existed for several thousand years, across cultures and the globe, and above a circus act or so, has not been embraced as a tool in most developed societies, until today.

The idea and action of walking "barefooted" on hot coals, rocks or cinders “without burning the soles of one's feet”, is a tool used to empower people. Without causing harm, it generates lasting enthusiasm and mindsets to allow people to live the life they deserve. Fire walkers say, it's not a dangerous as it looks or sounds.

Look up as you walk, walk with a purpose but normal pace, and chant, "cool moss" as you cross. Being in a state of absolute certainty, can save lives. If it can assist you in dealing with 2,000 degree heat, it can assist with saving your life.

When you safely lead people through things they fear, you safely help them get over their fears.

Fire walking is being promoted as one of the quickest, fun, effective and efficient means of teaching goal setting and reaching them. The more of that we do, the more we all prosper.

Set goals and reach them by eliminating limiting beliefs and fears.

Nothing we know today accelerates personal growth and bonding faster than one of these programs. Now you know.

Who wants to go first? "GO GO GO!". Don't think, just do it. Looking up at the sky and yelling "COOL MOSS!" over and over again as you keep a strong steady pace across the eight second walk over (((glowing coals))).

You feel heat beneath your soles, but just slightly. Suddenly you're stopped in your tracks by two people on either side, as they spray off your feet with a water hose. Then, You realize you have made it.

I'm interested in promoting "fire walking" events. Feel free to Contact me with details.

(((your inner

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