Focused Staying

Faith and focus, how quickly they can change.

Due to lay offs, I lost my job and my focus had to change. Bills, family problems and not enough money were now my priorities.

Within a month or so. I was lucky enough to get a job at a local establishment, but it seems too little, too late. My already bad marriage ended, compounding my problems. Living from month to month my utility bills doubled, my auto is up for repossession, as I have already mentioned, I was not earning enough money. I am so out done and my stress level is so high I do not know what to do. All my dreams have been shattered. Does that scenario sound familiar to anyone?

There is a lot of pressure, anger and other weird emotions, which can cause one to take actions they will later regret. On the flip side, some will do things that will change their lives forever. On which side would you like to be?

Say it is hard to stay focused when you are surrounded by alligators. When you internalize your problems they can appear unbearable. Further, you can worry yourself sick.

We all face situations similar to this. In my case, I held on until I could not hold on any more. No, I did not rush out and take on any old job nor any old woman. Just like there are people who would not work for me, there are some people for whom I will not work. They were not for me before my problems and I did not desire them to resolve my problems. I went to court and you would think judges know what to do. In my case, I surrendered all properties that were mortgaged and still I was ordered to pay something I had no means of paying, penalties and interest. I had faith that neither I nor my family would starve further, my family decided to separate from me.

Every situation is different and I am not suggesting anyone do what I did. However, if there is one who felt overwhelmed like me, if there is one who is about to give up, if there is one who is thinking of doing something they will later regret; this message is for you.

I will start by asking you these questions: Where and who should always be your focus? Should it ever change, even for one second, even if you go to court? The challenges you are facing just may be the ultimate test of your faith. Know that you are not alone; there is always someone worse off than you. When you are surrounded by alligators this is when your faith will carry you. Stuff happens, no matter how good you are. Further, none of the problems mentioned above was life threatening. Survivors of life threatening illnesses can tell you better. What you are going through is something you must go through. These are true tests with real time results. How you go through your trials determines how you get through them.

In the time of need, you need strong faith to endure. Your faith and attitude makes all the difference, for you and those close to you. If you were focused on God before, stay focused on God during and afterwards. All other will work out. Just don't stop dreaming. Live honestly, stay focused on what is most important and share your experiences. Someone will be happy to help you. Stay focused!

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