What will I do?

Leaders and followers.

Well if it was not "for them" many of the toos, we perceive ourselves having, would not exist.

People place a lot of value on "for them", peer pressure, living like the Jones. "For them", I think, is much, much stronger, dangerous and self-destructive than peer pressure.

We love "for them", work "for them", dress for them, purchase for them, do our yards "for them", build houses "for them", marry and go to church "for them", have babies "for them" and the vicious cycle starts all over again, "for them". By our actions, we teach living "for them".

"For Them" it is not too okay, to be different from them.

Are we getting better or worse, "for them"? Had the "for them" lifestyle been good to and for us, it would have brought about a different result "for us" today. We have gotton off track, No rime nor reason "for them"--It is harder to live for and please "for them".

Another problem is when we try to define "for them". Our priorities are out of order, "for them". Somebody has stepped on our ant hill.

If it was not "for them", we would not hate, steal, kill nor destroy. If it was not "for them", It just would not be worth it.

"For them", it is all taking and no giving. "For them" often holds us back and gives courage to us to do things "we" would not ordinarily do, which keep us from knowing and experiencing the good in each of us, our love for us and our fellow man.

If it wasn't for them, what would you be doing, right now?

Stop defining yourself "For them". Be yourself by bringing beauty to your attitude!

It is all about the very appealing "for them" slave-making dollars "For Them".

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