Year of Love and Friendship

Let it Reign

January 2008, the beginning of the year of Friendship and Love.

Make a garden or Dress up an old one! In your native language write "Love and Friendship Garden (DATE)" to Proclaim it and let it be a witness for all to see, every year and years to come, see how long Friendship and Love has resided on your properties.

Show it to your neighbors, Make it known
The spirit of love and friendship is in my garden. At my house, in my home and heart.
Love Thy Neighbor. You don't have to invite them over but give them the sign in your garden.

Another way to help Build and beautify our neighborhoods and countries. A global effort to share a good spirit with onlookers and passerby's.

No bad spirits live here. My love and friendship garden helps keep them at bay.

A way to appreciate and respect, not show but do, the earth, on which "we" live and her life giving powers. The earth, without a doubt, is where it all start and end. From the earth comes "all", peace, prosperity, food, fuel, metals, precious stones. From mother earth, comes all life giving and sustaining forces. And to the earth, it all will return. All the stuff that allows us to do what we do, we appreciate. Just tell it like it is.

Let your Love and Friendship garden be one more overt sign and opportunity for Prayer and pray for self-respect, if for nothing more.

Get down on your knees and publicly pray and worship the ground, on which you walk.

That is how America was and a global world, for Love and Friendship can be built. It starts with people at home or where ever they or that might be.

Your love and friendship garden is the home of the Braves, Slaves, Pioneers and Immigrants. All that is good and evil is buried there.

It is our good Reason and time for United Celebration, 14 February, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas--The Garden of Friendship and Love. Not Independence but for Dependence on the one thing we can not live without.

May your garden serve as a constant reminder of the hard work, suffering, sacrifice, celebration and mistakes for us to be here today and as reassurance for tomorrow.

Acknowledge something bigger than self, so when I walk with my head in the air, thoughts of my friendship and love garden will ground me.

A sign of commitment, that I can personally uphold and share one good true and tried tradition, just one. I am not a trader nor skeptic.

We vow to work, love, respect and cherish this land together, organizing all her children and their talents because we know mother earth is the true mother of all. Tear down all borders and openly invite those desiring the fruits of their labor, the harvest from the land, the opportunity to work.

Offer to go to their home and help them produce fruits of their land and share.

Side by Side.

Sharing It.

Heart to Heart.

Never ending Seasons of Love and Friendship

May our gardens of friendship and love be an eternal reminder to ourselves and others, for as long as we live.

Do not let friendship and love die on your watch.

TarPath and YardMan Friends

Yard of Friendship and Love, Macon, Georgia

Macon, Georgia




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