Frowning whats in it? Is it a sign, weakness or strength?

Lion attacking a water buffalo! Awesome photo, Click for closerr view

As you are frowning? A picture is worth 1000 words? In case you read this and are not understanding, life is no bed of roses. THIS IS REAL and a reality. As we sit back in our little false shelters of safety and security, this photo is a vivid reminder life is not play, play! My questions are: Where in the hell is his backup and is it your turn? Did he not read and fully understand this article?

What is in a Frown, what is in it for you? The obvious dangers in life. People can tell you a lot of things, but when it comes down to it, every person has thin skin and that is for good reason. Some are deadly alergic to bee stings, so if they hear the word "Bee" they are out of here! Anyhow, we all have our individual limitations and we know we are not, cannot dwell here alone.

How do you protect yourself? Levels of fear because there are levels of danger and these levels warrants respect and knowledge as to how to deal with them. Survival of the fittest, only a fool would walk around with no fear, no fear, no precautions, no reasons to be cautious?

When people frown, they express concern. Feeling vulnerable, that sends out a disstress signal. The thing is, not to allow your concerns to develop into panic, negative emotions, reactions, frustration, anger, fear, worry, anxiety, insecurity, disappointment.., because this is exactly the desired cause and effect of the enemy or threat of danger. Negative emotions causes negative reactions. Fight of Flight mode?

I have a friend every time I mention computer and website, these kind of emotions start to fly and our conversation drifts off into a doubtful area. I start feeling uncomfortable out of concern not to overwhelm her.

Instantly, when a wild animal encounters an abnormal or strange noise, instinctively it goes in the fight or flight mode. All it takes is the slightest perceived disturbance. That is a protection mechanism. That disturbance ignites senses in a divine order, senses automatically kick in response and the body reacts in ways you could or would have never imagined.

You keep talking and they are looking at you, like about what the hell are you talking? I am not even going that far? I give up?

So what is the problem here? Frowning is the first warning sign or line of defense. It sends a message to the receiver that I am not getting this and is now poised to strike. In the case of a frown, it says be ware! It is at that point we become a threat to each other, until proven otherwise. This whole process happens in the blink of the eye and seriously distracts from our whole purpose/mission. Now, to change tracks just a little, this distracts from our abilities to be superior beings we so happily proclaim. We are superior beings whether you accept it or not. Like a busted water pipe, you start leaking precious adrenalin/resources.

How can you be a superior being when we run or attack at the slightest hint of danger? How do you deter/kill a lion with your bare hands or a stick? Not superior race, but superior being? How can you, when you feel threaten by the person next door?

Our reputation precedes us. Every animal in the food chain, for his on safety and security, must know how to read us. They must know when we are in the hunting mode or causual walking? The expression on our face is a dead give away.

There is confidence in knowing, with caution, you can safely negotiate any obstacle. The question is, are you properly prepared? Do you know how to walk with confidence or are you saggin? Do you feel comfortable enough to even try or be confident and open enough to tackle your own greatest fears.

Too much Frowning causes your body and state of being to be unhealthy. It is not in our nature to walk around nervously frowning, “mean mugging” to warrant off the first hint of trouble. When you cheer up and are happy, the joy gives you strength to face the battles of life. Conduct yourself so. Show yourself friendly and flexible. A frown is sign, outward display of confusion, chaos and weakness.

There is strength in numbers. Like-minded individuals who are confident in "our abilities" can quickly neutralize any threat. We can confidently and boldly enter into relationships because that is the essence of our survival.

Without these numbers, we are doomed; therefore I strongly encourage you, out of mutual admiration and respect, smile at the next human being you encounter. Caution about going at it alone. You know!

(((your inner


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