Fruits of your labor?

And a poor mentality!

If someone approached you and asked, What dreams, ambitions or aspirations do you have, would you be so shallow, embarrassed, caught off-guard or shameful to tell them, "none"? And if you did would you be telling the truth?

Some may imply they are doing something for nothing, is that a fool or what? Even worse, people in between may imply that they are doing it for nothing, saying they do not want to make any money? People may say I am not doing this for profit? People may say, I am a non-profit organization? The question to ask yourself is, Is there anything in this life for free? Is that a "poor mentality", how else can you eat?

It is possible to overcome a perpetual poor mentality, but it involves some heavy-duty lifting on our part to rise above our circumstances. There's nothing wrong with being a Poor Person, but it is a fatal mistake to have a Poor Mentality. How long you will let people make a slave of you?

Some may infer that my website/my work is for nothing. They come on read and do not even give it a second thought, even though I have gone the extra mile to voice what they could only think and even cases where I have included their input, how insensitive can one be? All I can say is, How further from the truth can you be? No, I am not doing this just for the money, no I am not doing it just for popular opinion; but I am doing this for whatever I can get to help me and others better live. No, there are no fees and it may seem that my work is “free”, but how can any man prosper when he works for “free”? My focus should be on my work.

Who in their right mind does not want to see the fruit of their labor, the result of your hard work and how it paid off, no matter what form it comes?

How joyful and prosperous you will be! ... When you shall eat of the fruit of your own hands? You will be happy and blessings and prosperity will be yours. It will go well with you and you will enjoy long life on the earth.

You can tell the tree by the fruit it bears. Be Rich in your thoughts, and you’ll be Rich in your future.

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