GEM Micromatic

Brass Safety Razor Clog Pruf Single Edge with blade storage box ...

My dad used this GEM Micromatic Single Edge razor and I've managed to hold on to it. As you can see I have no need for it. It's still in the original display box and has the blade storage box for storing extra blades. vintage gem micromatic safety razor This "GEM Micromatic razor is stamped "Made in U.S.A." with Engraved Handle Pat# 1739280 Nos# 1773614

These were very good shaving razors, but there is a learning curve. The basics are learning how to hold/angle/pressure, in order to get the optimal shave. It was a skill in itself, to get No cuts with a clean, close and smooth shave. Don't forget the shaving cream. Valued at $20 - $50.

Blades can be ordered from Ted and look for coated stainless blades.

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