GPS systems and Common Sense

GPS give some people that extra little bit of courage to be more daring. Now, you can see it only takes a little bit.

Hence, more people are risking life and limb by disregarding common sense, safety and security for themselves and family members. Excited and eager, they get in too big of a hurry to follow their new GPS out into life threatening situations. What an adventure? What an experience?

Into the great unknowns, at the mercy of our brand new GPS and a cup of coffee.

    How to get there?

  1. Follow GPS directions only!

  2. Open and activate your brand new GPS.

  3. Put your family and friends in the auto. Note: Do not worry about weather conditions, availibility of fuel or other potential hazards.

  4. Head east into the mountains.

  5. Turn off state highway onto local road.

  6. Take a short cut.

    no cell phone service? no extra food, water or emergency supplies? with an 11-month-old baby? Now you are stuck in the snow.

    Now what?

  7. Take exploratory hikes.

  8. Try digging out of the snow.

  9. Spend the night in your car.

  10. Distraught, film a goodbye video.

    How was your life threatening experience? Thank God we were rescued by law enforcement officers.

AAA and National Association for Search and Rescue say they don't sense a surge in trips that go amiss because of a blind reliance on GPS directions, but they hear about them!

Don't go there. Turn around. For Common Sense, there is no substitute.

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