I am sure you never played these games:-) Today and some how these games might even appear a bit stupid but, they brought hours of fun during their day, for no cost.

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Rolling Tires: I bet my tire can go faster than yours. Boy, put that tire down, that's the one I am going put on that old car! It was even more fun when you could roll it to the store.

Gittin A Wheel: Imagine yourself being the dream motorized vehicle of your choice. Get a stick for a steering wheel. Now, lay some serious rubber! Boy, you better stop tearing up those shoes. We even played barefooted. Lord knows if you could kick up some dirt.

Back Back Doodle Bug: First you find a doodle hole under the house. You use a small stick and gently stir in the hole going in the direction of the hole. Sing Back Back Doodle Back as you stir the stick in the whole and soon the bug will come out. That was the goal.

Flying June Bugs: Catch, what we call June Bugs, carefully tie a thread around his leg and while holding one end of the thread, let the bug fly.

Cowboys and Indians, Horseee Break off a tree branch of your choice, tie a piece of rope around the end closest to the tree trunk, put it between your legs and hold on to your rope. Use your mind to do the rest. Find you somebody who is willing to be an Indian and the game is on.

Make and add taps to your shoes Take an empty drink can, lay it side ways on the ground, place the small of your foot between the top and bottom of the can and crush it until it sticks to your shoes. Then walk around making that metalic noise. You were happier if you could find two cans. The tabs were also used for taps.

Tag Quickly tag a person and shout, You it! and start running. Tag anybody long enough and they will chase you. Do it till somebody says, I give up.

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