GMC Alumnus and Author

George Coletti

George D. N. Coletti, DMD and autor: The Granite Sentinel

Stone Mountain, the Nour Place at the foot of the Mountain: The Granite Sentinel had it's public debut on Friday, October 23, and Saturday, October 24, at 2:30 P.M. in the Sibley-Cone Library on the Georgia Military College campus in Milledgeville, Ga.

Dr. Coletti attended Georgia Military College, graduating from High School and Junior College with the rank of Cadet Lieutenant Colonel with honors.

Dr. Coletti still resides in the City of Stone Mountain with his lovely and much adored wife, Susan Coletti, an accomplished artist and civic leader. Also present at any one given time are at least 2 large and 1 very small dogs, legions of squirrels, and various combinations of grandkids and friends in the guest rooms.

Dr. Coletti may be contacted at Email George. He welcomes your inquiries and comments.

George, it was my pleasure and thank you so much for sharing! Art

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