Get your life under control Hearsay


If somebody told you to “Get your life under control”, what would you say or think? Nobody would ever need to tell me that? No need. You just couldn’t do without it?

You know most of what we act upon in life these days, Is all based upon hearsay? What were you taught about acting upon hearsay? Credit report, what Sadam, credit reference…If the right person said something good about you that could open a few doors – hearsay? Lots of value placed upon hearsay? Think on how much of our lives is actually governed by who witnessed what and what they say- hearsay? How much stress created by rumor control? What would people do if they knew what you were going to be or do? How crazy we treat ourselves and others is big business. Did you watch the news today? What about Read a newspaper? Did you come away feeling more informed or more enlightened? I think of how screwed up communications can be when it is direct from the horse’s mouth? Not against mass media, but when you think information overload? How much of our time and effort goes to constantly being fed information-hearsay? We are addicted? What if all that external information all of a sudden, just shut-off? Noise pollution, constant 24/7? Is noise on the increase or decrease- hearsay? No weather reports? What day would it be? Coordination? Can people really think for themselves? What would we think of each other? Would one be any dumber than the other? He said, she said? People making promises they have no intentions of keeping? Jobs, where are the jobs, where did they go, why? Can you really depend upon our government to save us? What about saving yourself? If we could save or control ourselves, would we need a government? From a people that would much rather tell a lie than the truth? They would rather climb a pole and tell a lie, than stand flat footed on the ground and tell the truth? It’s our just us system? Don’t mention politics. Attorneys? Well, if it wasn’t for a people, they would not have a job or is it the system? Can the government save its’ people or is it the other way around? Where will the much needed supplies of food, water, shelter and other much need resources come?

What if you were caught cheating? Would you hide it? Would you lie about it, I mean on yourself to yourself? Just depends? Would lying help or hurt? What message are you sending to yourself? Who’s listening to you? Would you appreciate yourself anymore? Look how well we are preparing our people? Hearsay, where is the independent thinker? Get your life under control and save a people.

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