Going or Coming Where is home


Are we so rapped up in our own laws, rules, regulations, policies, procedures, customs and traditions that we have overlook the most valuable part of life?

Then, why is our life so screwed up today? Are you being realistic or in your own self created fantasy?

Going or Coming Where is home?

Living, do we have it all wrong? Are we making room for those after us or hogging the whole show? How long will you be here? How long is not long? Where is home?

Are you going or coming? Then, there is the sex joke, but the real question is, When can you be still? Do you have a home or destination?

Really, do you actually ever own anything, including yourself? Are your actions of your own accord or are you just repeating the out of control behavior you see? Do you realize how many lives we lose each day, just because a certain group of people have laid claim to a certain geographical location?

How do you save yourself?

When can you actually stop, take a minute out and rest? We pretend to go on breaks, holidays and vacations, but that notion alone creates more stress and work than we could ever bear. Well, if you do stop, go on break or vacation, life just keeps going and you get further and further behind. Is that our problem? Is it that we have forgotten to pace ourselves?

Have we actually confused our way of living life, with our journey in life? Instead of living like we stay here, should we live like we are traveling to our intended destination?

Who is here to serve you? Who is here to save you? Is that why we lay around and get fat? Is that why we have so much violence, confusion and chaos?

Are we hogging a major “watering hole” so we don’t have to go "the Extra Mile"? Do we fear the unknown? How can you know the unknown? Is taking ownership of a major watering hole possessing or characteristic of a cultural level more complex than primitive savagery but less sophisticated than advanced civilization? Are we making room or invading? How do we drink and make room for others?

Is it realistic to act like you stay here? How can you stay, when you cannot even be still? So the idea of being in the middle, which we call “living” can be more accurately described as “living on the move”? Because, once you come into this world, you are continuously “going out”. Don’t stop because somebody is going to push you over. Every day, you must make a little more progress, to reach your preplanned destination on time. Timing is everything. Literally and figuratively, life is a journey.

Why don’t you live like that, in order to save yourself? Are you caught up? Help redefine and recreate the way we LIVE!


Today, we have the knowledge.

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