Going Green!

Do you really realize what that means??? The seriousness of the matter??? The cold-hearted facts???

  • Going Green!

  • Think green!

  • Eco-Friendly Living!

    Meaning??? The seriousness??? The facts???

We know what they are and that we have gotten away from them, but How and Why? Sounds like this is not an urgent matter and we have all the time in the world to explain and react?

Wall Street or Main Street? Little things make a big difference and what an impact they have GLOBALLY! It does not matter which street, as long as we are practicing healthy living. The head can not survive long without the body and vice versa!

Now, that Wall Street is experiencing some serious difficulties, it easier to see how serious this matter really is and irregardless to why, "We have reached the end of a dead-end-street". You did not see that coming either did you? Further, we have learned we are so far off track and have been for so long that it is smoothing the life out of us and our entire planet, literally as we speak, without most noticing a thing.

How, Why, When you really lay it out, it is sad — nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction, fuel addiction, fraud, scams, jobs, food, shelter, trash, recycling… It all boils down to serious cases of waste, fraud and abuse. You do not need to go any where to realize the truth and severity of it all, you can just look out your door, in your communities. You will see the exact opposite to clean healthy living! That is exactly where we are today and what we are still doing to ourselves and our planet, in the name of prosperity, though we are led to believe our practices are the most effective and efficient.

Though we know differently, many people still do not want believe the reality of how close we are to destroying ourselves and our planet—economic breakdown. And for obvious reasons, some do not want you to know. If they or when they finally understand how serious this matter is, then the door to change can be freely opened. Until then, more effort and time will be spent defending and convincing people why they should turn their lives around for their own greater good, before it is too late.

Going Green means STOP, CEASE FIRE AND FREEZE on our traditional ways of living and doing business. We must take immediate action to turn that around, that is, if we are to save our future and our economy. Well, if not you, then who?

That means and involves realizing this is a crisis situation; it is critical to our survival and changing. That is the appropriate action that must immediately be taken before it is too late. That means retraining ourselves, reversing virtually every aspect of our daily living. Admitting it was wrong and doing differently while ensuring the basics of life are covered.

Going green is sounding the alarm to our economic and global warming crisis. This is the final warning! The final call! So why are you still playing with your toys in the wake of global disaster and economic crisis? Why are you not moving with a purpose, taking immediate action…?

Little things make a big difference and are the final determining factors in the impact we have on resolving our economic and global warming crisis.

We are not trying to save TODAY, for today is already lost. We are working on tomorrow. Going green is the only safe and quickest way to save our future and our planet.

Gone Green: Your inner voice.com!

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