Gone Green

What does that mean in a materially oeriented society.

Waste not, want not.

I coined this term "gone green" to reinforce my support to everything good and wholesome upon God's green earth. As a responsible person and guardian of this land, I want to do my very best to take care. I know it does not belong to me and I will only be here for a short while and for those who come afterwards, I want their experience to be as wonderful as mine or greater.

For them to be able to plant gardens, grow food, find adequate shelter to make their lives better, giving them the opportunity to appreciate all that life has provided - not me. To be better able to do all of this without having to undo all the mess I have left behind. But to be better able to till the ground because I tilled it first and to have plenty of fertile soil because, in my greed, I did not drain it all. Just as I have learned to live longer, they will live longer. And instead of competing against one another they will spend more time learning, loving and preparing to hand this one glorious land to the next generation, just as I would want it done for me.

Environmental friendly, "Gone green" means a brighter future, a better today and fond memories of yesterday. I am already in this state of mind and am already practicing and experiencing all the good and wholesome living offered in life. I encourage you to do the same and guess what --- It is well worth sharing! Not just friendly to the environment, but environmentally friendly.

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