CAN MUSLIMS BE GOOD AMERICANS? This is certainly 'food-for-thought'!

There is a message circulating that says, "no", not only no, but "hell no" and no in any form shape or fashion?

The question remains what is a good American? Are Americans really good Americans? Is your vision of a good American, some old white man running around with some little old racist white woman he has put on a pedstal?

Did good Americans participate in Indian Wars, what about the Atlantic Slave Trade? Can you trust "any American" any more than any Muslim or the average criminal?

Do you realize how hypocritical Americans really are and much more so than many others across the globe. If we were not, we would not ask stupid questions like this. Do we have weapons of mass destruction? Why are we engaged in war with Iraq, Afghanistan?

Do we treat our women and children any better than anyone else? What is domestic violence and abuse? What about women rights? What about Don't Ask Don't Tell? What about Health Care? What about affordable housing? What about education and preparing for a brighter future? What about our poor and seniors? What about Prayer and the 10 Commandments? What about Corporate greed, our crooked Politicians and Attorneys?

We bring a lot of this shit on our "holier than thou selves" and we are "the most notorious agitators across the land". Why do we want to offer the world "democracy and Christainity". Just look at our own national situation and state of affairs.

No need to fear anybody but ourselves? A Muslim can be just as good of an American as African-Americans, American Indians, East Indians.... See the history of White Americans.

I am not Muslim but I am for respect, decency and order for every human being. Really, I will be happy to find "one good American"? May be I just live in the wrong neighborhood?

(((your inner



Where is this man's right arm? What about his face? I wonder who's responsible? Who's fueling and funding war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Does this man or any of the people in this photo look like a terrorists to you? Does they have weapons of mass destruction? Think for yourself about more than yourself, because what goes around comes around, just like that Indian and Slave bullshit! Where is the honor, respect, order and decency?

What are you doing to help stop the rediculous killings? Yet, you call yourself a decent human being- American. I bet you would put up with slavery too?

Forgive us, for we know not what we do? While we sit back drinking beer, playing golf and video games, dreaming about being a navy seal, army ranger killing more Indians, Africans, Russians, Iraqis, Afghans, Terrorists... and then go back and help them rebuild?

Who's helping us? Do you not think we are tired of seeing our surplus go overseas? And what do we get in return? Who are you fooling?

Good old Americans can not even agree with their highest democracy elected official!


(((your inner


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