Good Habits

Habits become character.

Bad habits can make a huge difference. The difference in what you have been taught and what you value.

What we learn and decide to practice, from parents and all those we come into contact with, make a huge difference in our lives. The habit of keeping your shoes tied. That is considered an important thing isn't? If you fail to keep your shoes tied, you could cause a minor or very serious accident. There is nothing more repulsive than a person with terrible habits. I mean violations of the basics core values. Kind of makes you feel like they just do not care. You feel sorry (watch that word) for them, like you want to offer advice, but are they open and willing to listen. Do they really want your advice?

Watch out over eaters, over weight, sick folk, church goers and the list goes on. Not to mock, but literally, many illnesses or unwarranted incidents can be avoided if we had and practiced better habits--listening and learning, raising the bar. Auto accidents are another good example. Our attitudes and lack of leadership stands in our way. Just think how many lives we could save by having much more attentative and focused driving habits. Oh, no! We are pushing driving while doing extra curicular activities. A basic standard for everyone to work to achieve!

There are words I use to hear and do not hear very often any more. I guess they, regardless of importance; has played out today-- "being Polite". "Manners", watch your manners. Could this be any indication that good wholesome habits, required to live a good wholesome life, for us to better coexist, are going down the toilet. Question? What are they being replaced with? What are our new task, condition and standard. Problems?

The habit of failing to pick up after yourself has its own inherent problems and there are many others habits, good and bad. I am just as guilty and depression has to do with a lot of mine. I just stop caring or see no reason to continue. The fact is, good habits makes coexisting and living life a whole lot easier and having something or someone to lovingly inspire me, makes me feel like I am living like a king. It increases my sense of purpose in life. Good habits help to raise ones personal and spiritual awareness, resulting in greater competence levels, individually and collectively.

Here is a good habit shared by my L.B. Bro. Jay M. Johnson, "Make others feel good, more confident in the role they play in your life. Outside of helping them, it will help to keep you surrounded by all those things you desire in your life".

What are our core competencies?

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