Good News

I don't know about you, but I enjoy hearing good news, inspiring, educational and entertaining good news. It brings comfort and a sense of peace and security, that all is well around me. For all that is not, we are working together to fix.

I believe there is good news in everything. My question is, Why do You show me iniquity and cause me to see so much trouble? Like gossip, you don't want to hear, why do you scramble to publicize bad news?

Good news inspires the soul. It is healthy and helpful in daily living.

I do not suggest turning our heads to bad news but where or what is the focal point? Today's news is so convoluted it is hard to know truth from fiction. Is it good or evil?

I too love adventure and excitement but if you show me too much evil news, bad news; I may compete for the attention. It makes evil easier to accept. My tolerance level, my level of acceptance, missed opportunities and I am more withdrawn.

It pays, it sales, it gets attention, but what are the final results?

I would imagine it is the change 2008 Presidential canidates would like to see and help bring about.

Show me school shootings but show me more about schools doing great work. Show me celebrity pitfalls but more celebrities doing great work for mankind. Show me what is good for making my life better.

Show me neigborhoods and communities being neighborly. Show me good hard working people, telling it like it is, with a little sweat on the brow. Someone who knows what it takes because they have been there. Show me what you did for our youth, pofolk, the less fortunate and seniors. Show me people taking time to relax and enjoy each other, speaking together about the same concerns of today.

Good news help improve lives and the environment in which we live, for today and tomorrow. If not myself, I think those are the people I would like to be surrounded by. People who would like to see and help others do better.

Tell me and show how that type of behavior and viewing discourages and leaves little time for bad news and behavior.

Good news help bring about good behavior. Bad news just travels faster.

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