Good Thing Stories

Just a few Good Thing stories warm the heart.

When no good things are happening in your town, you lose power and people look elsewhere, most to more promising areas and artificial means of entertainment. There is a high price to be paid. People leave their towns, families and fall victim to the mercy of people in power. Profit only for people in power creates a cold hearted people. Good things will not be shared unless they are pre-approved by the status quo, hence depression.

I don’t care what, but when all your senses tell you that somebody is doing a good thing, it becomes noteworthy. It warms the heart, people want to come and see, you cannot help it, you just want to be a part, share?

As a matter of fact, all of us are gifted, talented and blessed, but you are most likely not to hear about them, because people in power think it is not profitable? Meaning, it is not important, though it is prosperous for all concerned, it does not profit people in power. If they knew anything, we would not be in this mess we are in?

There are so many truly talented people in this world and all they need is for you and me to encourage and motivate them.

Get ready and rest assured, a new era of responsibility is underway! It is so uplifting to see that someone still cares for the important values in life. After witnessing a few of Good Thing stories, you will be inspired to go out and do something good yourself.

Seen or unseen, recognized or not, small or large,,,All good things and their stories are very important to life.

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